Platonism and Anti-Realism

Recently, I’ve been listening to William Lane Craig’s Defenders lectures on Systematic Theology.  In these 3 consecutive sessions, he gets into some surprisingly sophisticated stuff.  It is not surprisingly sophisticated for Dr. Craig, but surprisingly sophisticated for a Sunday School class.  Interestingly, the class seems to be tracking with him pretty good.

Divine Aseity


Anti-Realism Views

Anyway, the most interesting part of this is where Craig explains the different views on abstract objects.  In the 3rd lecture (Anti-Realism Views) he talks a bit about the Clarkian view (which he calls Divine Conception) and it is very interesting to see how Craig fits it in with other viewpoints.  Enjoy!

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  • Ryan

    You might want to check “Beyond the Control of God? Six Views on the Problem of God and Abstract Objects.” Very good, high level stuff. I lean towards Welty’s divine conceptualism, I think, but probably need to develop my thoughts more.

    By the way, I heard WLC teaches in Atlanta, is that right? I may have to stop in at some point.

    • Luke Miner

      Nice. Thanks.

      Yep. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. Let me know if you go.