Christ the Word

The first 18 verses of the Gospel of John teach me something every time I study them.  They have so many facets and they communicate so much truth.  I was always taught that the Word in this passage is Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I always substituted “Word” for “Jesus Christ” whenever I read the passage because verse 14 makes that connection.  However, I never stopped to ask why Jesus was called a Word.  Calling Jesus a word seems almost insulting at first.  Why does John put so much emphasis here and in 1 John 1?  Understanding the Word in John 1:1-18 through reading the exposition of Gordon Clark in The Johannine Logos moved me along in my spiritual growth in ways that I never could have foreseen.  Many passages throughout the Bible that I once thought mysterious are now much clearer to me.  I hope you make some time to be blessed by reading the Johannine Logos and also a shorter summary from a Clark sermon here.

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