Philosophy in the Service of Theology? A Short Reflection on Religion and Philosophy

Religious minds are not necessarily interested in philosophy. Equally unfortunate is the fact that some philosophical minds are not interested in religion. This would be all the more unfortunate if philosophy and religion turned out to be identical. Many people think that this could not possibly be the case. […] […]

Gordon Clark on What is Meant Today by “Reason”

From Gordon Clark’s outstanding textbook on Logic: “Theologians and secularists quarrel over revelation and reason. The secularists boast about reason and charge the theologian with irrationality. The theologians, or some of them, boast about revelation and deprecate “mere” human reason and logic. Both are guilty of equivocation. Today when secularists […]

God’s Revelation and Free Will

Against the critics of verbal inspiration, Gordon Clark, in his God’s Hammer volume, points out that they are wrong to misconstrue the doctrine as being one of “mechanical dictation.”  The critic complains that verbal inspiration turns the Bible’s writers into a “dictaphone, or at best as a stenographer whose personality is only […]

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