Welcome to Scripturalism.com!

Here, we seek to create a resource for those interested Christian Theology, Apologetics, and Philosophy.  We hope to engage with other Christian apologetical systems, as well as defend the faith from non-Christian critics.  We are not looking to be original.  We have been greatly encouraged by the perspectives of the Augustinian tradition of philosophy, the Protestant Reformers, and modern theologians such as Gordon H. Clark, Carl F. Henry, and Robert Reymond.

We hope you enjoy it here and welcome any feedback, comments, and interaction.  We can be reached at scripturalismeditors [at] gmail [dot] com.

Who we are:

C.Jay Engel and Luke Miner are the creators and editors of this site.  We reside in Northern California with our wives.  We have been interested together in philosophy and apologetics for several years and have started this site to promote God-glorifying dialogue and learning, hopefully for the benefit of all who stop by.  We have been grateful to add several other contributors as well and we hope to continue the expansion of our audience.

  • Jordan Hartley

    Can you guys make some suggestions on some resources that have brought you to the philosophical and apologetic knowledge base that you have?

    • Sure!

      Religion, Reason, and Revelation, A Christian View of Men and Things, and Lord God of Truth would probably be, for me, the top 3 of Clark’s books.

  • drakeshelton

    I specialized in Clark when I was in Seminary and I have since departed from his Philosophy. I challenge you to debate me on my google hangout page.

    • Hi Drake, that might be fun. I watched your video and it looks like you have a lot to say in both affirmation and criticism of Clark. We’d definitely want to limit the debate to one or two of your criticisms of Clark. I’ll send you an email and we can discuss.